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strong analytical skill

In today’s world, anyone can try to make a career in Forex trading by studying all the essential things on the internet. CFD trading is risky, so you should have the potential to develop skills that are needed to become a CFD trader. This is the reason why not everyone should not try their luck in the Forex market. Here, we are going to explain a certain skill that is essential if you want to become a successful Forex trader. This will help you to decide whether you are fit for this market or not.

Strong mathematical and analytical skill

No matter which market you want to trade in, all the trader and investor needs to have a piece of … Read the rest


A few years after the discovery of gold in South Africa and the beginning of its mint, South Africa issued its first gold sovereign in 1892. However, due to British occupation in South Africa, the coins were based on British coinage until the country gained independence. South African Mint is situated in Centurion and is thriving when it comes to technology and minting coins.

Krugerrand: 1967

South African Krugerrand Gold Coins are considered as one of the most eminent bullion ever. It was produced in 1967 and it had a market share of almost 90% in 1980. It was 22-Karat gold and was 91.67% pure. It weighed 113g.  The First South African president and founder of its Mint, Paul Kruger, … Read the rest


Chegg Inc. is a leading American education technology company in Santa Clara, California. This company was launched in 2005 and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in November 2013. They provide online tutoring, digital textbooks, and even physical textbook rentals and many other student services.

It is a student-first interconnected learning platform. It provides services that support the students and transforming the way of learning for the students and reconnecting the link between learning and earning facilities.

They provide education online to the students that save time and money. It helps to improve the overall return on educational investment.

Best stock trading app

Investors always buy stocks at a lower price, hoping to sell them at a much higher price. Chegg’s stocks … Read the rest


Because of COVID-19, merchant acquirers’ attrition rates can be sent through the roof. This article is about damage control and the cheapest merchant services for small business in the UK.

The UK Economy Is Facing Its Worst Recession

The UK economy has never seen a worse recession in centuries. National income is dropping and the number of unemployed people has never been higher. The loan amounts borrowed from the government and the levels of debt are unprecedented in times when there’s no hot war.

Even though people are starting to live a more or less normal life, the cost of the shutdown is still being counted. Gross domestic product, meaning the total output of the UK economy, has fallen down … Read the rest


There are currently inadequate disposable face masks for everybody, so that our government cannot mandate us to utilize them — despite the fact that doing so might be a smart move. The only way we will put masks on everyone today is if we start making your own away from fabric and other easily obtainable materials. In theory, fabric masks could offer similar protection to surgical masks, but there has not been enough testing for official agencies to advise the population to do this. *Surprisingly, since this article was first published, multiple states, counties along with the CDC have got all advised and even mandated using fabric masks in crowded public locations.

Masks do make us feel safer, but any … Read the rest


Sukanto Tanoto’s main business is a group of international resource-based companies with operations in Indonesia, China, Europe, Brazil, and Canada. Together, these companies form Royal Golden Eagle, the primary representative of Tanoto’s business interests.

Throughout the course of his business life, Tanoto has ventured into a variety of industries. One of his most successful ventures is the textile industry.

Tanoto’s primary players in textile production are Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) and Sateri. The latter is the current world leader in the production of viscose rayon, a highly sought after material for the production of commercial fabrics.

Viscose rayon

Sukanto Tanoto’s decision to work with viscose rayon is an important step in the direction of sustainable and responsible production. As … Read the rest


Be it investors, potential investors or general public who is looking to start investing, everyone gets excited the minute they have extra cash on their hands and one of the usual plans is to invest it for quick profits. People want to start making their money work for them and that’s a very understandable and rational thought but sure enough one needs to be practical about their finances as well. There is a lot of due diligence and groundwork that goes into understanding the financial markets before one must start investing and it’s for their best as well!

An investment making company will generally help you get started with your investment and offer you end-to-end insights into how to make … Read the rest


The adage goes something like ‘the best time to start investing is now.’ For some beginners, this can be painstaking, considering the volumes of information on the best investment with guaranteed returns. Other beginners will think this is an easy way to make a quick buck and plunge head first in the markets.

This post is for the amateur investor who is ready to make a strategic decision to safeguard their investment against exposure to unsustainable risk, but with enough latitude to pursue conservative opportunities that yield capital gains, and learn the ropes of the trade while at it.

Apart from the theoretical understanding of how the financial markets operate, it is imperative that a beginner gets a realistic feel … Read the rest


Today’s marketplace is competitive, especially as the traditional system takes a backseat to the global economy. Practices such as international money exchange, offshore investments, and outsourcing opportunities are constantly changing the financial landscape- some for the better, and others for the worse. But there are still opportunities, right?

In the recent past, most of us have turned to financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, to manage our money. However, conventional investment opportunities are becoming outdated as distrust for lending institutions has grown alongside interest rates and bankruptcy filings. So, how do you know who to trust and where to invest your hard-earned money?

While most financial advisors are still pushing long-term investments, short-term are undoubtedly the most sought … Read the rest


Every Forex trader knows that you must supplement the information in your charts with a number of technical indicators. Among the indicators commonly used are strength indicators, volatility indicators, trend indicators and cycle indicators. These indicators not only help us determine in which the market is moving, but also when a trend is about to end and we should either exit the trade or, with a good signal, reverse the trade.

The following 6 indicators are the most commonly used among Forex traders:

  • Stochastic oscillator – The stochastic oscillator helps a trader determine the strength or weakness of a currency by comparing the closing price to a price range over a period of time. When the trader identifies a high
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